COVID-19 Update

As a fast growing medical diagnostics company that provides a wide range of essential solutions to millions of patients worldwide, we are continually assessing the impact of COVID-19 as it evolves each day.

As always, we remain committed to our patients, employees, partners, the quality and continuity of our products and the health and safety of our communities. Here are some of the steps we are taking:

Protecting Employee Health and Well-being

To ensure the health and safety of our employees we have implemented, and will continue to implement, measures to protect their well-being which in turn, will allow us to maintain continuity of supply.

Based on the guidance from global and local health authorities, we have instituted rigorous infection control measures within our facilities for those where work-from-home is not an option. Our measures include (but are not limited to): staggering employee shifts to reduce the size of work groups, modifying our cafeteria space to enhance social distancing, the implementation of additional cleaning and sanitization routines, robust self-assessment and screening tools, travel restrictions, a work-from-home policy and a strict visitor screening protocol.

Prioritizing Our Supply Continuity

We play a important role in ensuring millions of patients around the world have access to essential medical diagnostics. We are pursuing every step we can to minimize the disruption in our diagnostic testing kits supply and currently do not expect an impact on Health N Medic’s products.

As part of our regular business operations we have an active inventory management strategy and safety stock program, and we have enhanced this by increasing the reserves of our essential diagnostic kits. We are working closely with suppliers, monitoring for potential disruptions to our global supply chain.

In addition to securing supply for the short term, we maintain business continuity plans to address the longer-term needs of patients who depend on our products. We are continually assessing supply levels as well as product demand in order to make adjustments to our orders as well as manufacturing and distribution schedules as needed.


Continued Recruitment During COVID-19

We also know many people have been economically impacted due to this crisis. As a medical diagnostic company, millions of patients rely on our products. Because of this, we have the tremendous responsibility to stay open and continue the work that we do. We have a wide range of open positions within the organization that we hope to fill even during these unprecedented times. Part of “Innovating for Patient Affordability” means being agile and putting you first. At this time, we are taking precautionary measures by adapting our recruitment strategy to ensure our staff and applicants are safe by conducting our interviews and onboarding online.